Some of our previous clients have kindly provided testimonials from past communication sessions:

I have known Jennifer Tilk for approximately 5 years and her keen interest in the world of animal communication is very impressive. I have 2 cats of my own, one of which was an unneutered tomcat up to the summer of 2006 when I finally had the courage to trap him and bring him to the vet. Up to that point, he would disappear sporadically for days and sometimes weeks leaving me in a state of worry as to his whereabouts. During these episodes, I would ask Jennifer to “do her thing” and tell me whether she would be able to sense his presence and coax him to return home. She would always advise me that she would feel a strong pull from him and that he was just out enjoying himself and would come home soon. She would sometimes describe the locations with great detail and this would always amaze me because I know my surroundings very well. Needless to say, Jennifer would always put my mind at ease with her positive feedback.

At one time, this cat disappeared for a period of 5 weeks during the winter months. By the third week, I was in a state of panic so I called on Jennifer to tell me what she sensed. She provided me with details of what he was doing, the weather conditions and his general surroundings. She would also send out messages to “come home” as it was too cold to be outside and there would be treats waiting for him. On a daily basis, Jennifer would check with me as to whether he returned, always sending him messages and tapping into his psyche. One week after I consulted with Jennifer, he did return a little hungry and cold but otherwise healthy. After that, I truly believed that Jennifer had a special gift in communicating with animals and always relied on her to give me that sense of reassurance when the need arose.

When Jennifer realized her gift, she wanted to test this on other people’s pets by communicating with them and providing the owner with details that only the owner would identify with. She communicated with both of my cats individually and she told me things that were unbelievable. She was able to tell me what type of music they like; where is their favorite place to sleep; how many people are in the house; what they like and dislike; where did they come from; are they happy. She was even able to communicate with my sister’s cats. Not knowing anything about my sister or her cats, and with very minimal details, she provided accurate information about the home environment. These cats were rescued from the outside and information about where they come from was very believable.

I believe Jennifer has a special connection with animals. Her gentle nature and kind words have allowed her to accomplish things with stray animals that most people would not be able to do. I believe that with ongoing practice, Jennifer will be able to expand her talent and provide assistance to both the human world and to the animal world.

Toronto, Ontario

I am a breeder of Clumber Spaniels and I have had a few readings by, Jennifer and Carole in the past. I had a male Clumber that was showing and was having a terrible time finishing him to his Championship due to an experience he had when he was a young puppy. He absolutely hated it. I had asked Jennifer and Carole to speak with Dudley and see if he would tell them what was bothering him at the shows. After several readings and a lot of questions as to what had happened to him in the past we moved on to what can we do to make this better for him. Well the answer was Ice Cream, yes he wanted Ice cream in the ring. The next problem was how to make this happen, we did figure this out and the 2nd time he was out to a show after finding out about the Ice Cream Dudley became a Champion. We all had promised him that if he did well he would never have to go to a show again. He is a totally different dog and has told Jennifer that he wants to help people and be a Dr. Dog so he is now referred to as Dr. Dudley and will be getting his therapy dog license to go to the nursing homes soon.

We also had another incident with a 3 yr old female of mine that suddenly became very ill and was rushed to the vet. We were told that she may die with in hours if we did not find the source of her problem. I immediately contacted Carole who Contacted Jennifer and while I was driving to the other vets office they began to talk with my girl. The vet had taken several xrays and did an Ultrasound but really did not see anything so we decided to do an exploratory surgery. They did find the source she had eaten a small piece of garden hose and it was blocking her intestines. She recovered and she too has become a Champion.

I truly believe in my heart that had I not gotten the help from these 2 wonderful ladies I would have 1 dead dog and would not have 2 more champions.

Thank you Carole and Jennifer you do wonderful work.

Valerie Lovins
Casmir Clumbers / Dog Barkery LLC.
Thonotosassa, FL

My cat Patches was getting older and not in the best of health. I wanted to make his life as comfortable as possible and know if there was anything else that I could be doing for him. I’ve known Jennifer for some time, so of course I asked for her assistance. Jennifer called me the next day to tell me that she had spoken with Patches. He shared with her a number of things, including the fact that he would really like a bigger bed! When Jennifer asked him to tell her something that only I would know, to prove to me that she had indeed spoken to him, he sent her a visual picture instead of words. Jennifer described to me a slender, white cat, sitting on top of white cabinets with a yellow wall behind him. It only took me a moment to realize what he had sent her. The day before she had spoken to him, he had been sitting with me as I went through my old photos. I had found one of my white cat, sitting in our old kitchen, on top of white cabinets and our walls were yellow. I had specifically taken the photo out of the box and shown it to Patches.

Patches, my dear old friend passed away on March 23rd, however, I know that by speaking with Jennifer, not only did I make his final months more comfortable with a larger, very plush bed, but he appreciated that I had asked. It also gave me the opportunity to make sure that he knew how much I loved him.

Toronto, Ontario

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