Scheduling a Consultation

Both Carole and Jennifer offer two options for consultations - email or phone consultations. For both, please email Carole or Jennifer and they will respond within 24 hours to schedule a date and time for the consultation. Please indicate the length of appointment you wish to set up. Appointments are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time.

NOTE: Please remember, we are not veterinarians and do not diagnose illness. We can describe to you physical symptoms or feelings your animals share. It is highly recommended that if this type of communication occurs, that you follow up with your vet.

Carole and Jennifer ask that you send a picture of your animal and some basic information, such as name, age, and gender. This helps establish a connection to your animal prior to talking with them and you. You can also send along any questions, or you can wait until the appointment to share those.


Sessions are generally around 30 minutes. This is typically the amount of time required to communicate with one or two animals. Please contact Carole or Jennifer for fees.

Preparing for a Consultation

Several things can be done before a communication session in order to make the experience easier for you, the communicator, and especially, your animal.

Examples of Questions

The following questions are just examples of some of the things you might wish to ask your animal during a consultation.

To schedule a consultation with either Carole or Jennifer, please contact us.