Carole’s journey began when a cat named Allie came into her life. These words are dedicated to her. She gives thanks every day for how her life has changed because of Allie.

After she was gone, Carole could still feel Allie’s presence. Something inside her said there was more to life than just what was in the physical realm. She had heard of telepathic animal communication and began to look into ways to develop this skill. Her research led her to a place in Clinton, NY called Spring Farm CARES, an animal sanctuary that offers workshops in telepathic animal communication. Carole took some workshops and found that she has the ability to communicate not only with animals, but all things in nature. Sometimes she thought she was a little nuts. After all, she was talking to animals without words! It took quite a lot of practice, and many validations from animals’ human companions for her to finally convince herself that telepathic communication with animals is real. This knowledge led her to a place in life that allows her to meet and experience many, many special people and their incredible animals.

Helping people and their animal companions communicate on a different level is just one of many pathways to reconnect the bond between humans and nature. To be able to help in this way is Carole’s strongest desire, and she believes her true path in life. Her ability helps animals to share their thoughs and feelings with their humans, and also helps humans live a better, more fulfilling life with their animal companions.

Presently Carole is involved with a community of people who own the same breed of dog as her and works extensively with them as far away as Australia. She is also a level 2 Reiki practitioner which she offers to both people and animals.

Carole lives in upstate New York with her dog and cats.

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